FIU Model UN wins Harvard National Model UN Conference, ranks third in North America

The Florida International University Model United Nation’s (MUN) Team wins the Harvard National Model United Nations Conference, ranked third in North America.

Despite the pandemic and a challenging virtual environment, the FIU MUN team competed successfully among many of the most competitive universities in North America, competing in nine simulations during the Spring 2021 semester. The MUN team was ranked third in North America by  As Best Delegate noted: “FIU persevered to retain its reputation as one of the Top 5 teams on the circuit — this is their eighth year in a row there. Their highlight performance this year was winning Best Large Delegation at the most competitive conference on the circuit, HNMUN [Harvard National Model United Nations]. The team also received Outstanding Small at McMUN [McGill University Model United Nations, the second most highly ranked conference on the circuit].”  The team consistently contended for delegation awards and individual awards at the University of Chicago, Georgetown University and UCLA, among other universities on the circuit.

Three FIU students were named to the MUN All-Star Teams – senior Ashley Weathers was elected to the first all-star team, while senior Nicholas Velasquez and first-year Alexander Sutton won places on the second all-star team. 

The team also conducted a very successful High School MUN. More than 300 students from across Florida, the nation and internationally joined FIU’s students who conducted the simulation. As Katerina Geisler, who led the team, observed: “the FIU MUN program is a stellar student development opportunity delivering the necessary tools to build effective leadership, strong research capabilities, and excellent debate and negotiating skills. This year, however, the team transcended tradition by rallying together virtually, bringing passion and enthusiasm to each competition, all while proudly carrying the FIU flag.”

Incoming Head Delegate Sadie J. Testa-Secca attributes this success to the team as a whole: “our team rose to the occasion, putting in the work needed to understand MUN online, building team culture even though we couldn’t be physically together, and creating many fun moments in a year that really needed it. The FIU MUN Program thanks the seniors who transitioned the program online, along with thanking graduating Head Delegates Nicholas Velasquez, Ashley Weathers, and Brandon Lee.”

John Stack, the Founding Dean of the Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs noted: “our MUN students once again turned in exemplary performances in the nine simulations attended during Spring 2021. I am hugely grateful to Katerina Geisler for her leadership, our head delegates, and the determination of our students. My thanks to the support of FIU’s Student Government and the Green School’s Deans Office.”