Presentation: Cem Karayalcin at IMF FCS Seminar Series

Dr. Cem Karayalcin (Professor of Economics) presented their research (with Dr. Harun Onder, FIU economics Ph.D. alumni) “Economic Resilience in Developing Countries” at the online FCS (Fragile and Conflict-affected States) Seminar Series hosted by the International Monetary Fund in the session “Understanding the Impact of Climate Change in FCS”.

Presentations: Abu Shonchoy in 2023 IPA & GPRL Research Gathering

Abu Shonchoy (Associate Professor of Economics) has been invited to give two presentations at the 2023 Research Gathering co-hosted by Innovations for Poverty Action and the Global Poverty Research Lab at Northwestern University. The conference schedule can be accessed here.

Treaty of Lausanne Centennial Panel Discussion

The Treaty of Lausanne, signed in Lausanne, Switzerland, on July 24, 1923, between Turkey and the Allied Powers, replaced the Treaty of Sèvres at the conclusion of the First World War and established the boundaries of the modern Turkish state. The panelists covered a wide range of topics related to the Lausanne Conference, including an overview […]