Writing workshop for teaching assistants addresses use of AI

In an age when artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming how students may potentially create their work, a writing workshop at FIU is addressing the use of the technology. Associate professor Kevin Evans, who teaches politics and international relations, helped organize a Writing Across the Curriculum workshop on the appropriate use of AI tools like […]

Presentations: Abu Shonchoy in 2023 IPA & GPRL Research Gathering

Abu Shonchoy (Associate Professor of Economics) has been invited to give two presentations at the 2023 Research Gathering co-hosted by Innovations for Poverty Action and the Global Poverty Research Lab at Northwestern University. The conference schedule can be accessed here.

Faculty member discusses Iran’s influence in Africa on Al Jazeera

What influence does Iran have in Africa? Eric Lob, associate professor of FIU Department of Politics and International Relations and board member at the American Institute of Iranian Studies, was a guest on Al Jazeera Channel’s “Inside Story,” which addressed Tehran’s actions to increase trade and economic ties in the continent.

Green School faculty receive awards for teaching excellence

Students are a university’s reason for being – and four faculty in the Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs were recently honored for the excellent teaching they deliver. The FIU Office of Faculty Leadership and Success recently announced the inaugural Rewarding Excellence in Teaching Incentives (RETI) award recipients, including these Green School […]

A Professor Brings Feminist Activists from Around the World to FIU to Share Successful Strategies

While studying gender equality movements around the world, Dr. Susanne Zwingel was struck by how feminist activists have improved the lives of women. “But not only women,” she said. “Their visions of inclusion, justice, and sustainability have made a difference in many lives.” Dr. Zwingel, associate professor of Politics and International Relations in the Steven […]

Opinion | Macho, macho man: Russia’s politics of manhood drive Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

Green School Professor Rebecca Friedman recently published this op-ed in The Miami Herald. The article has been reprinted below. In the West, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ruthless push into Ukraine is often understood in the simple terms of reductionist history: Just another Russian strongman with dreams of expanding the empire. But surely the images of thousands of […]

COVID-19 casts a spotlight on global inequalities

While the global pandemic has had far-reaching effects on most people, the impact on marginalized communities in the U.S. and around the world has been disproportionate – and even more overwhelming, say FIU experts.  “Inequality has been with us for centuries. While there has been considerable progress in certain areas, we still have a really […]